Thumbnail Traineeship Crash Course


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Week 1:

Going Through the Oxeey database and analysing top thumbnails from:

a) Your Niche

b) Your Reference Channel

c) Trending Section

d) Top Creators

e) ..

f) ..

We will go through 20 thumbnails so that we have a broad idea how a thumbnail should look like.

Week 2:

We will try to recreate thumbnails in the best possible way with available softwares we have.

For ex: Fotor AI, Canva,Snapseed,MidJourney,Photoshop etc

Week 3:

The Thumbnails are uploaded to Our server where experts from our Team will Review and give feedback.

Accordingly 1-2-1 Workshop session will be scheduled  Yay, now you are skilled to create quality thumbnail for YouTube.

Bonus & LifeTime Access

“Along with this course you will get access to pre-recorded super pack which include lectures on using different softwares to create a thumnail by our experts”


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